Real Education boy riding bicycle

Real Education

Here’s a Real Education A life lesson where Rahim who scored good marks in exam and when he faced the quiz he don’t know any answers.

Once there were two siblings Rahim and Zoya.

They both studied in the same class in the same school.

Both were excellent in their studies.

But often Rahim scored better than his sister.

It was their final exam and they both were studying.

Their father came and announced that he could afford only a bicycle so whoever score the best marks will get the bicycle.

After listening to this they both were very excited to get the bicycle.

Rahim was an intelligent boy and he knew how to get good marks.

He used to study only the portion which was supposed to come in the exam whereas Zoya was fond of studies.

She studies the entire textbook.

So, they studied in their own style.

Finally, exams were over and after some days the results were declared.

Once again Rahim was declared the topper and Zoya stood second.

The bicycle was gifted to Rahim.

That same evening to celebrate the result of both the kids entire family went out for dinner.

After finishing their dinner when their family stepped outside the restaurant suddenly some people approach them with mike and camera.

They were doing the promotion of a bicycle and to achieve the gift the kids has to answer the maximum number of questions.

Then they will win the bicycle, a new bag, and a water bottle.

Both the kids participated in the quiz.

The questions were from their books only but totally different from the exam paper.

Zoya studied the book thoroughly so she answered all the questions whereas Rahim tried very hard but could not solve them.

After the quiz got over, the organizers announced the winner.

Zoya answered all the questions correctly so she got the bicycle along with other gifts.


Study should not be for marks but for knowledge.


We see in life how kids score very good marks in the exam but fail to give the answers of knowledge.

So, when you study keep in mind that you should not get good marks but also study for knowledge so that it can help in your life.

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