If You want to Change the World Change Yourself granulated sugar

If You want to Change the World Change Yourself

Here’s If You want to Change the World Change Yourself Inspiring story where the priest first changed his habit then told the boy to change.

Once there was a boy who has a habit of eating sugar.

Whenever he feels he eats sugar.

His habit of eating sugar daily made his mother worry.

His mother wants him not to eat enough sugar because he will have to face side effects.

The boy didn’t listen to his mother and eats sugar whenever he feels like.

Once there was a priest who lived in a nearby village.

The boy respects the priest and listens to what the priest instructs.

His mother thought that if she will tell the priest about his bad habit then he will tell him not to eat.

She took his son to the priest who was sitting under a tree.

She told the priest about his son’s bad habits.

And request him to tell his son not to eat sugar anymore.

The priest listened and told the lady that bring your child after a week and I will tell him not to eat sugar.

The lady took her son and after completing one week.

The lady brings his son to the priest.

The priest was sitting under a tree.

The priest told the boy, “From now on you will not eat sugar.”

The boy didn’t say anything and only nodded his head.

His mother was surprised that only telling such a little thing the priest called me after a weak.

The lady asked the priest, “For telling such a small thing you called me after a week, Why?”

The priest replied, “Before a week I also didn’t quit eating sugar.”


If you want to change the world start with yourself.


We see in life how elder relatives give us suggestions not to do that and when it comes to them, they do it.

So before giving any suggestion look at yourself, whether you are following it or not.

Remember that if you change yourself the world will automatically change.

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