Farmer Story who was cutting woods

Farmer Story

Here’s a Farmer Story who one day goes to cut woods and find the eagle trapped so he thought to free the eagle but what happened let’s see.

Once there was a farmer who was passing by a forest.

After working for hours the farmer cut the woods to sell them and earn some coins.

He was on his way to market he saw an eagle who was trapped.

He hid behind the bushes and saw the eagle was in pain.

He felt pity for the eagle and decided to free the eagle but he has fear of the hunter.

He saw here and there and then ran towards the eagle and release the eagle from the trap.

The eagle thanked him and flew away.

The farmer was happy with his work.

He was happy and went to the market to sell his woods.

One day when the farmer was at the peak of the mountain cutting woods.

After cutting wood he was eating his meal.

Suddenly the eagle came and snatched the food of the farmer and sat at a nearby branch.

The farmer fell from where he was sitting.

He slipped a little and stuck where he kept his wood.

When he was in his senses he saw the eagle and recognized that it was the same eagle whom he saved a few days before.

He asked the eagle why did you do this to me?

The eagle replied I saw a snake behind you so I snatched the food and you fell.

This is the reason why the snake didn’t bite you.

You are saved.

When the farmer looked behind, he saw a snake running away.

Then he thanked the eagle to save his life.


Helping others is the way we help ourselves.


We see in life how people ignore and never stop to help.

But there are people who help others and gain happiness.

After helping others there is happiness which no one can experience except the one who helps.

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