The King Story fighting with the big man

The King Story

Here’s The king Story where he neglect small problem and after sometime small problem become big due to which he has to loose his hand.

Once there was a king who was leaving his kingdom for a world tour.

The king will be sailing on the boat.

The villagers came to see off the king with blessings to return safely.

One of the villagers came forward and told the king that you are sailing and you will reach a forest.

There you will encounter a two-footed man who will challenge you to fight.

You accept his challenge and defeat him.

But remember after defeating him kill him and then continue your journey.

The king remembers what the man told him.

He sailed for days and then reached a forest that has to cross.

In the middle of the forest, the king saw a two-footed man challenging the kind for a fight.

The king accepted the fight and defeat the two-footed man.

But he leaves him saying that there is no bravery in killing a small person.

So, he continued the journey and again the two-footed man increased his height to four footed and challenged the king to fight again.

The king defeated the four-footed man and leave him saying there is no bravery in killing a four-footed man.

Then he continued his journey.

After some time again the man’s height increased to six footed came in front of the king and challenged the king to fight.

The king again defeats the man and leaves him saying I am a great king and there is no bravery in killing you.

Again, the man appeared in front of the king with more height.

Now the king was a little nervous but somehow, he defeated the man.

But in this battle, he lost his hand and got hurt.

But this time he killed the man and continued his journey.


Defeat every small problem in your life so that they can’t return to harm you.


We see in life how people neglect the small problems and then in the future, they come with a bigger impact on us so defeat every small problem in your life.

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