Farmer Story In English of digging well

Farmer Story In English

Here’s a Farmer Story In English Of Digging Well so to find water but strangers divide power of farmer and not letting to dig at same place.

Once there was a farmer named Ramlal.

One day he decided to dig a well.

He took the spade and set out to dig the well.

He found a place where he will dig well and the water will come.

After digging the ground for hours about 25 feet he saw no sign of water.

He decided to rest awhile and then continue.

Just then a stranger came to the farmer and asked, “What are you doing?”

The farmer replied, “I am digging a well but there is no water.”

The stranger told the farmer this spot is good to dig well.

I am sure after digging a little you will find water.

The farmer was happy and started digging the ground.

After digging 30 feet he didn’t find any sign of water.

He stops digging the ground and sat for a while.

Again, a stranger came and asked, “what are you doing?”

The farmer said, “I am digging a well so to find water but there is no sign of water.”

The stranger said the farmer to dig at the place and water will come out within minutes.

Ramlal thought for a while and began to dig at the new spot.

After sawing the stranger went away.

After digging almost 55 feet the farmer got tired.

But he didn’t find any sign of water.

Ramlal was frustrated and sat under a tree.

Then a friend of Ramlal came and asked, “What are you doing?”

Ramlal told the whole story and his friend said, “If you dug those 100 feet at one place then the water must come out even under the rocky surface.”


The power when used in one place then one can succeed but if it gets divided then after applying the same power one must fail to get the goal.


We see in life how people apply power at different places and didn’t succeed but the one who only works in the same niche with all his power succeeds one day.

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