How did Birbal Solve the Problem

Here’s How did Birbal Solve the Problem where a Barber thought that he could make Birbal fall into the trap but what happen let’s see.

Once there were a group of men who don’t want to see the Birbal in the palace.

They planned and went to the barber who was serving for king Akbar.

They promised to give the barber a good sum of money which he could spend his whole life but will not end.

The greedy barber agreed to the plan.

One day when Akbar need his service he called the barber.

Barber started praising Akbar’s father, his sayings, and about his hair.

Barber suggested Akbar fulfill their desires in the name of his Ancestors.

Akbar laughed and said to the barber that now they are dead and how do we know what are their desires.

Barber immediately replied I know some magicians who will send a person with their “Mantras” into heaven with the help of pyre and the mantras will help the person to be safe in the fire.

But the only conditions that man must be intelligent, decision taking and within your ministers.

Akbar asked who would be the person who would go to heaven and meet my ancestors.

Barber immediately suggested the name of Birbal.

Akbar ordered the barber to do arrangements as soon as possible and send Birbal into heaven.

The next day Akbar meets Birbal and told him all the instructions.

Birbal agreed but he has some conditions to fulfill.

Akbar asked what are the conditions.

Birbal replied if something happens to me then you will give enough amount of money so that my family could sustain.

Birbal agreed to it because he wanted to know the mind behind this.

He came to know that all the plan was made by the barber so before a day of arrangements Birbal dug a tunnel that goes to his home.

On that day when the magicians were reading the mantras and firing the pyre, Birbal slips through the tunnel and went to his home.

Birbal hide there for a month and within a month Birbal hair, as well as beard grew.

The men who don’t want to see the Birbal were happy but after a month Birbal returned to the palace.

Akbar was happy seeing Birbal and having many questions to ask.

Birbal said to Akbar you don’t have to worry as your ancestors are happy in heaven but they have only a problem.

Akbar asked what was that? Birbal said, “There was not a single Barber in heaven who would cut hair and beard so they have to forcefully grow their beard as my beard also grows”

Akbar ordered to call the magicians and then called the barber to send to heaven.

Now the barber couldn’t do anything as he fallen into his own trap.

The next day magicians fired the pyre and the barber was lit in it.


No one would get defeated if they have the power of thinking. Wise thinking can lead to solving problems.


We see in life how people fall into the problem and don’t know how to come out and then quit.

But if we think wisely then there is no power who could defeat us.

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