A Happy Cobbler Story

A Happy Cobbler Story

Here’s A Happy Cobbler Story where the cobbler sings hymn of God but thinking of the material things in life he forger the hymns of God.

Once a cobbler lived in the village.

Near the cobbler shop there a rich man lived.

The cobbler had a habit of whenever he stitched the shoes he used to sing the hymns of God.

One day the rich man who lived near his shop got sick.

He called many doctors but none cure his illness.

Day by day his health was getting worse.

One day when he was walking in his garden he heard the cobbler singing the hymns of God.

Hearing the hymn of God he was feeling good.

So every day he used to listen to the hymns of God and as the day passed his health was becoming better.

Days later he was now a healthy man who forget about the illness.

One day he called the cobbler and said, “Your singing cures my health as no doctor could do so.”

Then he took out a thousand rupee note and gave it to the cobbler.

The cobbler happily took it and went to his work.

When the cobbler returned to his house he got worried about where to keep the note so that no one could take it from me.

Due to the worry of the note, he was not able to sleep at night.

And in the morning when he went to his work he only thinks of the thousand rupee note.

His mind was not stable at one work.

He forgot the hymns of God in worry of the note.

Days later he was not coming to the shop as he was worried about what things he should buy with the thousand rupee note.

One day he came to the rich man and returned the thousand rupee note and told him what had happened to him.

Then he returned to his work and again started singing the hymns of God.


Everyone wants material things in life but none wants God by his side.


We see in life how people get the material things but still suffer.

If the mind is full of material things then the connection with God is no more.

So live the life which God has gifted us and be thankful for each and everything.

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