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How To Be Happy As A Teenager

Here’s a How To Be Happy As A Teenager Inspiring story where the teenager boy looks to an old man who was looking like him tired and fatigue.

Once there was a boy who was returning from his work.

He was a young boy who joined the work just a few months before.

The boy looked like he was in stress and tired.

He was waiting for the train.

When he was doing so he saw a man standing in some distance.

He saw him for some time and looked at himself.

He saw that the man was old and he was carrying the same suitcase which the boy was carrying.

Then he noticed that the old man was wearing the same clothes as the boy was wearing.

Then he thought that his life will also be like him.

So he went home and decided to tour the world.

He alone went on the world tour and enjoyed it a lot.

After returning from the tour he started playing video games to make himself happy.

As the days passed one day, he opened his cupboard.

There he saw a box.

On that box, it was written old stuff.

He opened it and saw a typewriter. And a drawing was there in which he was typing on the typewriter.

Then he took it out and started typing.

After months passed, he rushed to a bookstore.

There he searched and found his book.

It was his first book.

He was so happy that he started shouting.

He was so amazed that he fall on a girl who used to work in the bookstore.

The girl started smiling and after that day they both become best friends.

They went on a date and the boy proposed to the girl and she accepts.

Then he woke up with the voice of the train.

And got shocked that he was standing on the platform where he saw an old man like him.

He saw the old man enter the train and then he also rushed into the train.


Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself. You don’t know when your last day is so live the way you want to live.


We see in life how people struggled their entire life and they die without fulfilling their dreams.

Life is very short so enjoy every moment of your life.

If you die then there would not be any regret so live your dream life.

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