life is a gift from god

Life is a gift from God

Here’s Life is a gift from God story through which the message is conveyed that every life is precious and everyone must understand it.

The day was a very hot summer.

Many families, friends, relatives came to the beach for enjoyment.

There were mostly boys of age 15 to 25 years old and others were family members.

They all gathered there to have a good summer holiday.

There a group of boys of 12 aged 18 to 20 years.

They all decided to hire a yacht due to the high tide there was no permission for the yacht to be there on the beach.

Then one of them decided to race one who goes far than anyone will win the race.

The boys agreed to race but some of the boys warned today the tides are not constant.

The others didn’t listen to him and start the race.

Most boys were left behind the race some who swim well went far away.

The boys who were left behind hardly managed to reach the shore but the three boys who swam the best decided to go to the deep of the water.

They don’t even understand that the tides are high today and after some time when they returned they counted the boys and one was missing.

Now the tide was so high that the people moved away from the shore to some distance.

One man in the crowd jumped into the river and went to save the boy.

The man then took that boy from the river and came to the shore.

He was unconscious but after giving some aid he was back to his sense.

The boy thanked the man who saved him and told him, “thank you uncle for saving my life.”

The man looked at the boy and said, “God has sent me to save you because life is a gift from god and everyone must understand it.”

After saying this the boy smiled and understood what the man was trying to convey.


Everyone must live a life that is worth living.


We see in life how boys without knowing the circumstances do mischievous and risking their life to danger but they don’t realize that their life is so precious.

You know that your life is so precious then do comment below.

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