Story of a Crow who is sitting on the branch

Story of a Crow

Here’s a Story of a Crow which will make us understand that what we are is our best and when we copy others then we not get happy.

Once there was a crow who learned to fly from one place to another.

When he flew to town he saw that parrots are given chilies and doves are given grains to eat.

After seeing this he felt hungry.

Crow was hoping that someone will give him food.

But he saw a cow nearby who was searching for food but no one took note of the cow.

Then he cowed and cowed but no one noticed him so he thought of becoming a dove rather than a cow.

Then he saw a bucket full of white paint he had an idea.

He sat at the bucket and before workers would come the crow flew away.

Now the crow was looking like the dove.

He flew to the dove who were eating grains and sat fix himself in the dove.

At first, the dove didn’t notice so the crow was happy to see lots of grains to eat. crow was happy so he cowed aloud and then the dove noticed that he is a crow.

The doves started cooing loudly so the crow has to fly away.

Flying in the sky he saw his friends and wanted to join them.

But when he got closed the flock of crows was seeing that the dove is coming towards them.

So they left him behind and they flew away.

The crow was sad and when he saw himself he was white in color so a flock of crows didn’t recognize him.

When he was flying sadly the rain came.

He sat on the branch and the paint was washing away.

Then the crow cowed so loudly and was proud of his black color.

Then he joined another flock of crows and flew away.


Be happy for what you are and never become what you are not.


We see in life how people copy others which can’t be long-lasting and never be happy.

So there is only a life which is you and every one has its own strength and weakness.

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