Focus on Solutions Not Problems shepherd with flock of sheep

Focus on Solutions Not Problems

Here’s a Focus on Solutions Not Problems where the rich man started blaming his destiny and the shepherd took out solution to his problem.

Once there was a very rich man passing by a forest.

He was very excited because he was going to his village after years.

After some time his vehicle stop on a bridge.

The man came out to see what happened.

He saw that one of his tires got punctured.

The man was very happy as he was going to his village but after his tire got punctured all his happiness went bad.

Then he took out the stepney to change the wheel.

A single tire contains four screws.

When he opened the screws of the punctured tire the screw fell into the river which was flowing under the bridge.

Then he looked to the sky and said this problem was not enough and you send another problem.

Then he sat down and started blaming his destiny and his fortune.

He started blaming his destiny and said this is my destiny everything bad happens to me.

Then a shepherd was coming from very far.

When he reached and asked the rich man if there was any problem?

The rich man replied you do your own work this is none of your business.

Then the shepherd asked the driver tell me sir what happened?

The driver said one of our tires got punctured and when I was applying the stepney all four screws fell into the river.

The shepherd told the driver nothing to worry about its very simple.

The driver asked with excitement.

The shepherd said open a single screw of the remaining three tires and apply it on the stepney.


There are a solution to every problem so focus on the solution.


We see in life how people sit by their problems and blame their destinies.

We have got a life in which all of us will have a problem.

So stop thinking about the problem and focus on the solution.

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