The Power of Silence Story where farmer lost his watch

The Power of Silence Story

Here’s The Power of Silence Story where the farmer was searching his watch but how did he find the watch with the help of silence let’s see.

Once there was a rich farmer who was working on his farm.

During his work, he lost the watch which he was wearing.

The watch will be simple for everyone but for that farmer, it is most precious.

He left his work and started to search for the watch.

The farmer was old so he search for a while and sat beside to take a rest.

Then he saw some children were playing outside his farm so he decided to call them.

The old farmer opened the gate of the farm and ask the children to help him find the watch.

In return, they will get a wonderful gift so they entered the farm and started searching for the watch.

All children started their search on the whole farm and tried their best to find the watch.

The sun was setting and the children were giving up.

The number of children was decreasing because as they were feeling tired they give up.

In the evening farmer announced to the remaining children to go home.

The farmer was sad as he didn’t find his watch.

When he was shutting the door a boy came and asked the farmer to search the watch.

The farmer didn’t lose the chance to find the watch so he gave the boy permission.

After a while, the boy came back with the watch in his hand.

The farmer was so happy that he hugged the boy and promised to reward him.

The farmer asked how did you get the watch?

The boy said as there was no one on the farm so I sat down and focus to listen to the tickling of the watch.

In silence, it was easier to listen to the sound of the watch than in day time when everyone was busy searching the watch.


The quieter you become the more you can listen.


We see in life how people only want to speak and never listen to somebody they will always regret in their life.

But if we speak less and listen then our brain will work with all its power and a solution to every problem is possible.

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