True Love Story boy proposes the girl

True Love Story

Here’s a True Love Story where the girl lost her voice in an accident. the boy does marriage with the girl let’s read the story.

Once there was a girl who liked a boy and both of them were good friends.

But the family of the girl didn’t accept the boy to be his friend.

The family forced the girl not to talk to the boy but she didn’t listen.

As the time passed the family pressurizes the girl to stay away from the boy and this led her angry and the anger she dump on the boy.

The boy had to listen to her angry words but he didn’t tell her anything.

The day came when the boy passed the graduation and now he decided to go overseas for further studies.

The boy met the girl and proposed her and the girl who likes the boy accepted the proposal.

Then the boy went abroad for further studies. seeing the struggle the family of the girl accepted the boy.

They talk on calls and sometimes write letters.

One day when the girl went to her work on her way a car lost control and knock her down.

When she turned her eyes open she saw her parents.

When she wanted to call her parents the voice didn’t support her.

Only she could breathe but no voice came out of her mouth.

She understood that she lost her voice and now she was feeling bad.

After getting discharged she was bought home and she saw that the phone was ringing continuously but she could not take the phone.

She feels ashamed and decided to write a letter and tell him to quit the relationship so that she could not be a burden to him.

After one year her best friend told her that the boy is going to marry and send an invitation card to her.

The girl asks her best friend who is the lucky girl.

Her best friend replied the girl is you.

She was shocked and then suddenly the boy appears with the engagement ring and put that ring on her finger.

She was so happy and the boy told her that it took him one year to learn sign language so that he can communicate with the girl.


Every problem has its solution and remember that leaving is not a solution to any problem.


We see in life how people quit and think that everything is now fine but they are wrong.

Standing in the battleground is the solution rather to leave the battleground.

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