Wind Fire and Paper Story of an old man gift's

Wind Fire and Paper Story

Here’s a Wind Fire and Paper Story where the two girls leave home to find paper which can wrap fire as well as wind. let’s see what happens.

Once there was an old man who lived in a village.

He wishes to have daughters but he has two sons.

After marriage, both daughter-in-law respected the old man and the old man cared for both daughter-in-law.

Months passed and the girls started missing their homes.

So they wanted to go to their village for some days.

Both girls went to the old man to seek permission to leave home for a few days.

The old man waited for the daughter and they are asking to leave home for some days.

How the old man give permission to the girls so he denied their request.

After a month passed the girls decided to get permission again but the old man refused.

Again after a few days, the girls decided to try their luck.

The old man knew that the girls will request again and again so he has an idea.

When the girls came for permission the old man said, “I will allow you to visit your home but I have a condition”

The girls got excited and said, “Yes father we will do anything for you”

Old man said, “Each of you will bring me a gift

The old man said to his elder daughter-in-law and said, “You will bring me fire wrapped in a paper”

The old man said to his younger daughter-in-law and said, “You will bring me wind wrapped in paper”

The girls moved out of the house and ask the villagers that there is any paper which would wrap wind and fire in it.

But they didn’t get the paper so they were sad and sat under a tree in the jungle.

A wise man was passing by who saw two girls sitting under a tree and crying.

He asked them the reason and they told the condition of his father-in-law and how they got failed in finding the gift for him.

The wise man said take a container and wrap a paper outside it and light a candle inside this is how you can wrap fire in a paper.

The next one, make a semicircle fan out of paper and when the wind blows move the paper and then the wind blows to your face.

The girls got the gift for their father-in-law so they were happy.

The old man was happy and gave both the daughters permission.


Nothing is impossible if one could think wisely.


We see in life how we sit and think about the solution we don’t get but if we think wisely and act accordingly then we will find the way out.

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