A Bag of Gold Coins Story where raj is counting the gold coins

A Bag of Gold Coins Story

Here’s A Bag of Gold Coins Story where you will get to know that Honesty is rewarded but Greediness is punished. let’s see what lies ahead.

Once there was Raj who was very greedy.

He was so greedy that he never hesitated to cheat others and earn gold coins.

Raj never wants to share his coins with anyone.

He was such a type of person who tells lies for gold coins.

He used to calculate each of the gold coins whenever he used to purchase something.

The selfish man gave a very little amount of money to his workers.

One day he lost a small bag of 50 cold coins.

He searched everywhere to find the lost bag but didn’t find it.

Then he told all his neighbors, friends, and workers if they find a small bag of gold coins then it belongs to me.

He also made some of the workers into work to search the bag of gold coins.

Besides his house, one of his workers lived and his daughter brought a small bag that contain gold coins.

The worker opened the bag of gold coins and started counting.

After counting it was 50 gold coins then he thought that his master was searching for this bag.

So he decided to give the bag of gold coins to his master.

The next day when he went to give the bag of gold coins and said to his master, “Please check the money properly”

After checking there were 50 gold coins.

Raj in his greedy mind thought of playing a game.

He reacted, “There were only 50 coins but it must be 75 gold coins”

The worker surprised and said his master my daughter bought the bag, and then I gave it to you.

I have not taken a single gold coin from that bag, said the worker.

Raj blames his worker for stealing 25 gold coins from the bag.

Raj dragged the worker to court and the day came of their hearing.

The Judge listened to both of them and asked Raj, “Do you still remember that the bag you lost contained 75 gold coins”

Raj replied, “Yes and this man stole my 25 gold coins

Then the judge asked the worker, “Have you taken any gold coin from the bag?”

The worker replied, “No lord”

The judge made his judgment that the bag which contains 75 gold coins belonged to Raj but the bag found by the girl doesn’t belong to Raj.

So my order is if anyone who finds any bag containing 75 gold coins belongs to Raj.

And no one claim of 50 gold coin bag so I order that girl and his father to take the 50 gold coin bag as his appreciation of honesty.


Honesty is honored but greediness is punished


We see in life how people earn money and they want more but they ignore the reality that when we die, we couldn’t take a single penny with us.

Do good deeds and be thankful to your God for giving us such a wonderful life.

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