enjoy every moment of your life lesson by a fisherman to a rich.

Enjoy Every Moment of Your life

Here’s Enjoy Every Moment of Your life story where we see how a rich man goes to the poor boatman but he taught the rich man lesson.

Once there was a man who lived in a village.

The work of the man was to sail the boat from one end of the shore to the other end of the shore in search of the fish.

The man was sitting on the boat chilling and suddenly sees some car was coming to him.

Out came a man looking very rich and asked the boatman that we are opening a company In your village.

The rich man wants to sail on the boat as he came the first time in the village.

He asked the man why don’t catch fish more today and earn more money.

The fisherman asked then after catching more fish what will I do next?

The rich man answered then you take another boat and employ some of the men who do fishing for you.

Then the fisherman asked then after employing people what shall I do next?

The rich man replied that then you take a big boat and sail the village.

Why are you wasting your time sitting on this small boat.

Then the fisherman asked after having the big boat then what next?

The rich man thought for a while and said when you will have a big boat and some men working for you then you must buy a big house and live a rich life.

The fisherman asked then after?

The rich man said after that you will live a rich and happy life but you were sitting and waiting for the fish and wasting time.

You should have thought and do some good earning.

The fisherman replied that at this time I am relaxed. Am I not happy? asked to the rich man.

Yes, you are but not much because you are poor and only earn some money.

So I don’t think that you are enjoying your life.

The fisherman stood up and replied after having a big boat and some men working for me I may live a wonderful life as I am living now.

The rich man got confused then the fisherman explained to him that after having such a big boat I will be relaxing and sailing on the boat as I am doing now.

So why become rich as I am rich at this moment.


The fisherman taught that enjoy every moment of your life whatever the situation is good or bad no matter what.


We see how people are making money and want more and more but they are forgetting that they are leaving the real happiness of their life.

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