How To Be Satisfied with What You Have, a pot under a tree

How To Be Satisfied with What You Have

Here’s How to be Satisfied with What You Have story where the man who was not satisfied with his problems agree to solve it by his own.

Once there was a man who lived in a town.

His life was full of problems.

His problems are not ending as he used to worship God from time to time.

So his neighbor started telling him that God will help him.

One day he argued with his boss and his boss fired him.

Now he lost his job.

The man went to his house and with all his frustration he sat in a corner and started praying to God.

And started asking to come to his dream and fix his problems.

God came to his dream and he was ready with the problems.

So, he started telling the problems to God.

Then he said to God, “Why they are so happy and making money who does wrong to others and I who preach to you every day lost the job.”

God replied, “It’s a cycle that keeps on turning, loss and gains are a part of life.”

The man said, “I don’t want to listen to all this, I only want a solution.”

God showed a banyan tree and told him to write all his problems on a piece of paper and put it into a pot.

Then leave the pot under the banyan tree.

After listening to this the man was so happy.

And he started thinking that now all his problems will get over.

But God stopped him and said but you have to pick a pot too when you will return.

The man agreed as God told him to do.

He did it by keeping the pot and remembered that he had to pick a single pot also.

So, he searched for a small pot and when he was about to pick it up he thought that may there be no disease in it and may I die.

So, he left the pot and picked another pot.

Then he thought that may it not be written in it that my own family member’s death is about to happen.

So, after thinking he picked up his own pot and returned and promised God that he will solve his problems.

God said that is what I am trying to say.


Problems will come into your life but the question is are you ready to face them?


We see in life how people get into depression and when they don’t know how to face the problems then they commit suicide.

So, don’t be like them.

There is God who is there for you anytime.

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