How To Overcome Laziness

Here’s How to Overcome Laziness Inspiring story where the young boy climbed the forest and brought a beautiful feather which was unique.

Once there was a young boy who lived in a village.

The boy was very famous in the village because of his laziness and slackness.

He used to sit under a tree and take a nap every now and then and also think about his future life to be wealthy.

One day, a saint came to the village and was about to stay for three days in the village.

The saint used to beg for his teaching from morning till afternoon.

In the evening, he used to impart knowledge to the villagers.

The next day, the saint again went to beg.

When he was returning he saw the same boy sitting under a tree taking a nap and thinking.

The saint said to the boy, I have a work for you.

I want you to go to the peak of that mountain and bring me a feather.

The boy was lying under a tree and looked at the mountain and said to the saint that it was impossible because I am too lazy.

The saint said oh but I wanted the feather which is not at the peak of the mountain rather after crossing the mountain there is a cave.

In that cave, you will find a feather which you haven’t seen in your life, such a beautiful one.

The young boy was curious to see that feather which he hadn’t seen in his life.

So, he promised the saint and went towards the mountain.

The mountain climbing was not so easy, soon the boy’s body started getting tired, and started feeling short of breath.

But he somehow kept climbing and reached the peak of the mountain.

He was very tired but also happy because his soul was feeling satisfied.

When he looked down from the peak of the hill, it was a very beautiful sight.

But he has to go down the mountain and find the cave.

At last, when he reached the cave he saw the feather inside the cave.

The feather was shining very bright and he kept looking at the feather for a long time.

His body has responded that now he could not take even another step.

Now he has to again climb the mountain to its peak and then climb down then he could reach his village.

Then he remembered that feeling when he felt after reaching the peak of the mountain.

In the end, after hard efforts and hours of hard work, he reached the saint.

When he handed the beautiful feather to the saint he was happy and he felt that he had overcome his laziness.


Laziness is not something to be accepted or tolerated, laziness is a challenge to be overcome.


We see in life how people are lazy in doing things and hence one day they have to bear the consequences.

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