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Karma Story

Here’s a Karma Story where good deeds of the young monk result in the increase of the life expectancy. So do good deeds and live life happily.

Once two monks lived deep inside the forest.

One was the old monk and the other was a young monk.

The old monk was a believer in Buddhist dharma so he goes into a deep meditation.

Sometimes he goes into a deep meditation it could last a half day or even one full day.

In addition in his meditation he could see what was going to happen in the future.

One day when he was meditating he saw that his little disciple will be going to pass in eight days.

Then he called the young monk and said, “Brother I am going to give you eight days’ holiday so that you can go home to see your mother and father. And on the eighth day, I am expecting to see you here.”

The young monk replied, “Really that is very good take care of yourself”

The little monk went down the mountains and left for his home.

The young monk after a long walk stopped at the bank of the river to drink some water as he was very thirsty.

There he saw an ant cave in which countless ants were going in and out.

When he was about to leave he saw that the water level was rising.

So he thought that the ants will be drowned.

He took off his clothes and put some hard soil in them and made a protection wall along the cave.

He managed to divert the water and also he skilfully diverted the direction of the water.

And so he saved the lives of countless ants.

The eight days passed quickly and on the eighth day, the old monk saw his little disciple climbing the mountains.

Then the old monks asked what he did all eight days.

The little monk told the whole story to the old monk.

Then he understood that he saved the lives of countless ants this has caused his life expectancy to lengthen.


This is your karma. You do not understand today but you will understand later.


We see in life how karma in a negative way harms us in the future or afterlife.

And the good deeds we do will be there with us after our death.

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