Give Your Best a life lesson of a carpenter

Give Your Best

Here’s a Give Your Best Inspiring story where the carpenter who work carelessly and it was his last house to built, became the owner.

Once there was an old carpenter who lived with his family in a rented house.

The carpenter has many years of experience and created the most beautiful house in the city.

He made many houses and also achieved praise from the makers.

One day he decided to retire and live his remaining life with his family members happily.

He announced to his contractors his plans to leave the work of house building and live a more relaxed life with his wife and family.

The contractor was upset and thought that a well-experienced carpenter was leaving the job but he requested the carpenter to build him another house for him.

The carpenter agreed with the contractor but his heart was not at work.

He worked quickly and carelessly and used inferior materials to build a house.

The carpenter was building the last house of his career.

He worked without paying attention and the house was almost complete.

When the carpenter finished the house, the employer came to inspect the house.

He entered the house and just before leaving the house he handed over the keys to the carpenter.

The carpenter was confused and asked, “Why are you giving the keys to me?”

He said, “This is your house and my special present to you.”

Although it should be a good surprise for him, he didn’t feel good.

As he felt a deep shame inside.

If he would know that he was building his own house, he would have done it differently.

Now the carpenter had to live in a house that wasn’t built so well.


Always do your best because what you plant now, will harvest later.


We see in life how people are selfish and work when they see their profit.

So be a good person and do your best because your attitude and the choices you make today will be your life tomorrow so built it with care.

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