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How to Face Fear

Here’s a How to Face Fear Inspiring story where the boy who was coward overcome his fear and now he is a brave man and thanked Zen.

Once there was a boy who lived in a village.

He was scared of everything and would run away which scared him.

It was getting difficult for him to live normally.

One day he decided to go to the Zen master for help.

The boy said to him, “I am very coward and I don’t want to live like this.”

The Zen master told him, “I will teach you bravery but only on one condition. That is for one month you have to live in a big city and to every person you meet on your way you have to tell them that you are a coward with a loud voice.”

The boy scared by listening to the task.

Being a cowardly person he couldn’t even talk to people properly.

At first, he hesitated but after a minute he decided to complete the task.

Because he thought that he would not be living with his cowardness.

So he traveled to the city to complete his task.

At first, he stopped a man and when he was about to speak he lost his speech and couldn’t contact him anymore.

He sat in the garden and thought that how will he complete his task.

Then he knew that if he want to learn bravery then he had to finish the task.

Again he got up and stopped a passerby he told but in a low voice.

With every passing day, his voice sounded louder.

And then came a moment when he realized that he is not scared of anything anymore.

Now it was easier for him and he continued his task.

A month passed by the man came back and bowed down to the Zen master and said, “Thank you master I finished your task and I am not afraid anymore.”


Fear doesn’t shut you down. Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.


We see in life how people are scared and they make it a habit.

So the only solution to overcome is to first decide for yourself that you will overcome it.

Then take action accordingly and one day might come when you overcome your fear.

If you take the first step then there is God who is there for you to help.

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