Two Lazy Brother resting under a tree story

Lazy Story

Here’s a Lazy Story where two brothers learned the lesson and promised not to be lazy anymore. How could this happen let’s see.

Once in a village lived two very lazy brothers.

Whenever they were told to work they used to sleep due to their lazy attitude.

Raj and Mohan’s mother were fed up with the kids and didn’t understand what to do.

One day raj and Mohan were resting under a mango tree.

After some time a mango fell in between them.

Since both of them fell so lazy that they didn’t even pick the mango.

They just kept on staring at the mango.

After some time the minister of the state passed by.

Raj said to him, “Respected minister can you do me a favor?”

The minister replied, “What favor do you want from me?”

Raj said, “Can you please pick up this mango and give it to me?”

The minister found raj to be weird and replied, “The mango is lying near you, you can pick it yourself.”

Raj said, “I have to do extremely hard work to pick this mango.”

The minister didn’t reply and went to his home.

Raj and Mohan’s mother felt annoyed and told sorry to the minister.

The minister said to her if you want your child to be all right then send them tomorrow to the palace.

They both went to the palace and greet the king.

The king said to both, “I have some special work for you two, from tomorrow you two will guard one end of the palace. Since you don’t like to do any hard work so you can easily do it.”

They both agreed and the minister told them, “Do remember a lot of precious material kept in that area you will be guarding, so be careful.”

They both started to guard one end of the palace but as usual, they fell asleep and when they woke up they saw that the end of the palace got robbed.

The minister told them that due to their carelessness, the precious items got stolen so the king decided to give the death sentence.

When both brought in front of the king they bow down and cried.

They said that it will not happen if we were awake, all the fault is ours, we are guilty my king we promise that we will never be lazy.

The king listens to them and forgave them.


We must never be lazy.


We see in life how we become lazy and all our work goes on pending.

So if we do exercise daily and keep our minds in control then we will feel fresh.

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