Never Stop Trying elephant tied with rope

Never Stop Trying

Here’s a Never Stop Trying Inspiring Story where elephant was tied with a weak rope as he accepts defeat after trying and never tried again.

Once a man was passing by.

He saw a huge elephant tied with a thin rope.

He wondered how it is possible.

As there was no chain or any cage around the elephant.

The elephant was strong enough to break the rope and get freed.

The man wants to know and saw a master near the elephant.

The man went to the master and asked why this elephant is tied with a thin and weak rope.

And why is the elephant not trying to break the rope which is very easy for him to do?

The master told the man that when he was a baby elephant he tied it with the same rope.

At that time this rope he tried to break the rope but never was successful.

The rope was strong for him.

He tried many times to break the rope but didn’t succeed.

After trying many times he accepted that he will not able to break the rope.

With time he stopped trying to break the rope.

And when he grew big he accept that the rope is so strong that he can’t break it.

Till now he still thinks that the rope is so strong that he can’t escape from it.

The man understands that now he can easily break the rope but now he was not trying.

Because he accepts that the rope is so strong and he can’t break it.


One only fails when one stops trying. Never stop trying, never stop believing, and never give up. Your day will come.


We see in life how people think they will not do this thing, they will not be able to do that thing.

All these are spider traps that we build in ourselves.

The only way to break through is to believe in yourself and continue to work, no matter what will be the result.

So never ever stop trying and work hard until you achieve success.

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