Story of Ababil Birds and the Elephant where the flock of birds flying in the sky

Story of Ababil Birds and The Elephants

Here’s a Story of Ababil Birds and the Elephant taken from history where how flock of birds defeated the army of Abraha, let’s see.

Many years ago, there was a king of Yemen name Abraha who was very proud of his power.

One day, he decided to attack the holy city of Mecca.

When the people of mecca came to know that Abraha will attack the holy city of mecca.

They were worried about who will help us in saving the city of mecca.

Because they don’t have any power, nor wealth, or any weapon.

Abraha with his army and elephants set out to destroy the city of mecca.

He sent his spy to the Arab tribe to gather information about the ways and traditions of the Arabs.

When the army of Abraha reached the border of mecca then his spy came and told king.

Abraha you will not able to invade the city.

Abraha angrily asked why?

He replied, “The holy place of mecca protected by Allah himself and the one who tries to invade will face circumstances”

Abraha got very angry and said, “Now I will attack mecca and turn this city into plain land”

Abraha ordered his soldiers to keep elephant at the front so that when they enter the city it will become turmoil.

As the army entered the city of mecca the people prayed to God and went to the mountains with their families.

When the elephants entered the city, they sat at their foot and started shouting and were getting out of control.

Abraha didn’t understand why the elephants were doing like this.

Then a flock of birds seen in the sky and at a certain amount of time, the sky filled with birds.

The birds were Ababeel and they were carrying a small stone in their beak.

As the sky covered with Ababeel they started dropping the stones on the army of Abraha.

The animals as well as the army getting hurt with the small stones so they started scattering.

With this, the army returned and this is how the city of Mecca saved.


In Holy Kuran, Allah Almighty describes the incident as he has taken the responsibility of protecting the holy city of Kaaba and the world has seen his existence.


We see in life many people never believed in God and do what they like.

But they forgot that the human beings are in this world because of the Almighty God.

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