The Deer Short Story where she graze fields

The Deer Short Story

Here’s The Deer Short Story where the deer didn’t knew the intention of the fox and got trapped but her friend helped her out.

Once there was a crow and a deer who lived in the forest.

They were good friends.

One day a fox saw the deer and thought of eating it as it looks so delicious.

The fox came to the place where the crow and the deer were talking.

The fox said, “I have seen you many days together and I wish you were friends so please accept my friendship.”

The crow said to the fox, “You can’t be our friend.”

The fox was clever so he questioned him, “Why can’t a fox be a friend of a crow and deer?”

The fox couldn’t convince the crow but the deer was almost convinced.

The deer wanted to accept the friendship of the crow.

The next day when the crow didn’t arrive the deer was alone and the fox came to her.

The fox suggested a place where green grass was large in quantity.

The deer went with the fox and ate the green grasses.

When they went to the jungle after eating the owner of the farm came saw his field was destroyed and saw the footprints of the deer.

The owner put nets all over the field to catch the deer.

The next day when the deer came to eat the grasses she trapped into the net.

The fox was seeing behind the tree and thinking about his meal.

Then the crow saw the deer was in trouble so he came quickly and told the deer to act as if you are dead.

The owner came and saw the deer was dead as soon as he cut the net the deer ran fast as she can and went to the forest.

The deer thanked the crow for helping her and now they became very good friends.


Never trust a stranger and always listen to your loved ones.


We see in life how people listen to the strangers and fall into the problem and when they see you in trouble they feel happy.

So always listen to your loved ones and respect them so that your life will become beautiful.

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