How to Become a Topper in a class

How to Become a Topper

Here’s How to Become a Topper an Inspiring story of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam who scored full marks and become a topper of his class.

After the second world war was just over and the country was waiting for independence.

All the people of our country were happy and cheering for our freedom fighters.

Even I thought of doing something for my country so I thought of joining a good school.

Then one day father and mother came to me and said we are not highly educated so we want you to study in a good school.

We will somehow arrange the fees but your work will be study hard and make us proud.

So I decided to go to the Schwartz school which was in Rameswaram.

After taking admission I continued to attend the classes.

The classes were big and the teacher used to teach on the blackboard.

One day I was late to the school.

So by mistake, I step into a small classroom where my maths teacher was taking a class.

He looked at me and said, “Yes Abdul what do you want?”

Then I replied, “Sir I have come to attend my class.”

The math teacher said, “Can’t you see this is not your class.”

I said, “Sorry sir.”

The teacher said what are you doing in this school if you can’t find your way to the right class, you should go back to the village where you came from.

All the other students were looking at me and laughing.

The teacher then started hitting me with a stick in front of the whole class.

I was sad and wanted to go back home but then I thought my parents had made great sacrifices to send me to this school I have to make my parents proud.

So I made a promise to myself that from this day onwards I will not only be a good student but I will be the best.

I studied day and night and a few weeks later we had a maths exam which was conducted by the same maths teacher.

After a few days, the maths teacher declared the results.

The maths teacher announced marks of Abdul as 100 out of 100.

The Math teacher said very good Abdul.


If you promise to yourself then no one going to stop you.


We see in life how people take it as an opportunity and some take it as a joke.

The one who sees it as an opportunity does good in their life and the one who thinks it as a joke their life becomes a joke.

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