Snake And Farmer Story

Snake And Farmer Story

Here’s a Snake And Farmer Story where the snake who gives every single day a gold coin in blessing but the boy thought of greed.

Once there was a man named Vishnu Pratap who was a farmer who lived in a small village.

He has a family for which he worked hard on the farm but he was not able to earn a lot of money.

His life was very difficult and he was really poor.

One day when he was walking around his farm, he noticed a snake under a tree sitting on a mount.

He thought that the snake was a local divinity and he never worshiped that snake.

Perhaps he thought that was the reason why he was poor.

So, he immediately brought a bowl of milk and put it in front of the snake.

He requested the snake to accept his offering and bless him.

Placing the milk there he went back to work.

When he came back in the evening, he found that there was a gold coin in the bowl.

Now he knew that the snake had blessed him and he made his daily routine to bring a bowl of milk for the snake.

And every day in the evening when he came back from work, he would find a gold coin in that bowl.

After collecting that gold coin and selling it in the market Vishnu Pratap became a rich man.

One day when he had to go to a nearby town for some work so, he gave his son the job of offering milk to that snake.

His son also offered a bowl of milk to that snake every day and brought gold coin every single day.

But soon he became greedy and he thought to himself that the snake must be taking out a gold coin from that mount so why can’t I dig the mount and take all the gold coins at once?

So, the next day he reached with a stick and tried to kill the snake.

The snake somehow escaped and the boy dig the mount but he didn’t find anything.

The next day Vishnu Pratap came back to his home and understood the incident.

He went back to the snake with a bowl of milk and requested to forgive his son’s behavior.

From that day the snake didn’t give gold coin to Vishnu Pratap.


Never be greedy and be happy for whatever you have in your life.


We see in life how people become greedy and lose everything they have.

So, stop your soul from being greedy and be happy with what god has provided us.

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