brother and sister inspire us about Importance Of Time

Importance Of Time

Here’s a Importance Of Time story where a brother and sister depicts importance of time as sister does work on time and brother don’t.

Once a brother and a sister were studying in the same school.

The girl named Vani was elder and the boy named Sam was younger.

One day Vani was completing her project work, Sam came and told Vani to come out of the class and eat your tiffin.

Vani said to Sam I am about to complete my project work then I will have it.

Vani asked Sam, “Have you completed your project?”

Sam replied, “No I will do it later.”

When they returned home Vani told everything to her parents.

Father and mother called Sam and told, “See your sister she completes work on time and plays on time. She never leaves today’s work on tomorrow. So learn from your sister as you play all day and never study.”

Sam told his parents, “Yes I will do the same from tomorrow now I can play now.”

Sam went out and started playing with his friends.

He always used to ignore the advice of his parents.

And finally, exam time came near and only two days were left.

Father reminded Sam about the exams and he replied, “Still there are two days for exams I will study, don’t worry.”

A day before the exam Vani was studying and Sam goes out to play.

He says the weather is so lovely so Vani let’s come out and play.

Vani told to Sam I want to complete my studies because tomorrow is my exam.

And also told Sam to study but he didn’t listen and went to play.

After some time the weather changed and the wind started blowing.

Vani looked out of the window and called Sam.

Vani told Sam that there will be rain so it might be a power cut tonight.

So you will not be able to study so come home and study now so that you can complete your syllabus.

Sam continued to play and when the rain starts he ran to his house.

There he saw that the light has been cut.

He started crying and worried about the exams.

Then Vani helped Sam to complete his study and they both passed with good marks.


Time waits for no one so complete your work on time and don’t leave work of today on tomorrow.


We see in life how we suffer when we don’t complete work on time.

And if time goes then it will never return for anyone.

So if there is time do it or regret it.

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