Greed Does Not Pay swan story

Greed Does Not Pay

Here’s a Greed Does Not Pay Story where the woman who has nothing but greed didn’t understand about his husband and sell his feather.

Once there was a family who lived in a village.

The man and his wife with two children.

The man takes care of his family very well.

One day the man died and the family was in grief.

His wife thought about his children and their future.

The man who died was reborn as the golden swan.

Then he thought of his family and their living.

So he flew to his home to see his family but they were not there.

After searching for days he found his family begging.

When he went near his family his wife saw the golden swan and pounce on him.

The swan was crying I am your husband but his wife didn’t understand and plucked the feather of the swan.

His wife thought of selling the feather of the swan and getting some clothes and food to eat.

As days passed by he got so much money for a single feather of the swan that she become rich.

Although the wife of the man was greedy.

She was unhappy with the single piece of feather.

So she decided that the next time the swan arrived she want to catch the swan and sell every feather and want to be the richest man in the village.

Some days later the swan came to see his family and was sitting on the tree.

His greedy wife saw the swan and decided to catch it.

The swan didn’t understand her intention and was caught by his wife.

The greedy woman told the swan what will you do with so much fur it’s of no use.

So she forcibly pluck the feather of the swan and with that, the feather changed into an ordinary feather.

The greedy woman started crying now what will I do.

The swan looked at her wife, “This is what greedy comes now you are left with nothing.”

The swan flew away and never came back again.


Greed does not pay.


We see in life how we are left with nothing when we do greedy things.

If we thank God for what he gave then there is no place for greed in life.

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