Wolf and Lamb Story where the wolf was sitting near lamb

Wolf and Lamb Story

Here’s a Wolf and Lamb Story where the wolf was about to eat the lamb but the lamb think wisely and he got saved from the wolf.

Once there was a shepherd who had folk of sheep.

One day the folk of sheep went to graze the land and one lamb found sweet grass and went to eat the grass.

The grass was near the cliff and the lamb separated from the folk.

The lamb didn’t notice that a wolf was approaching her.

As the lamb saw the wolf and he was about to pounce on her the lamb started pleading, “Please don’t eat me.”

Wolf replied, “why shouldn’t I eat you, you are my food and definitely I will eat you”

Lamb replied with a sad voice, “I just ate green grasses and if you eat me now you will not taste good. So wait a while as my stomach digest the green grasses then you may proceed.”

Wolf thought that there is no one and the lamb is alone.

So she can’t escape from me so he decided to wait.

The wolf sat beside the lamb. Lamb said to wolf If you allow me to dance then the grass might digest faster.

The wolf agreed to the lamb as he don’t want to wait for long.

The lamb started to dance and the bell tied to the neck of the lamb.

As the lamb started to dance the bell started ringing but no one could hear the sound of the bell.

Lamb was dancing then an idea came to the lamb’s mind.

The lamb gave the bell to the wolf and said if you ring the bell loud then I will dance faster so that the grass will digest fast.

The wolf agreed as there was no other option.

The wolf wanted to eat the lamb soon so he took the bell and start to ring as hard as he can.

After listening to the bell the shepherd understood and opened his dogs to search the lamb.

The dogs found the lamb and started barking loudly.

The wolf in fear ran towards the forest and the lamb was saved.


Thinking clever might take one out from any situation.


We see in life how people think wisely and come out of any situation but the ones who can’t think wisely stay in the situation and often regret it.

So make your brain so sharp that it could take you out of any situation.

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