Story of A Farmer Life storm on the farm

Story of A Farmer Life

Here’s a Story of A Farmer Life where the boy was hired for the help of the man and he said i will sleep when the wind blow.

Once there was a farmer who bought land near the Atlantic ocean.

The farm was so big that he could hardly complete his work.

He decided to advertise to hire someone for help.

Most people didn’t want to work on the farm because of the dreaded storm near the ocean.

But some came for the interview but would refuse after knowing the working condition.

Many days passed by a boy came who was looking young for the interview.

The man asked him, “Do you know farmhand?”

The boy replied, “Yes, sir and I can sleep when the wind blows.”

The man was confused with his answer but he needed a boy for help so he kept him on his farm.

The man started work on the farm from dusk till dawn.

He saw the boy working on his farm and he was satisfied with his work.

One night wind blows from the shore and heads towards the farm.

The farmer heard it and jumped from his bed.

He searched for his lantern and rushed to the boy.

The boy was sleeping in his quarters.

The man shouted get up hurry, the storm is coming.

The boy turned in his bed and said, “sir I told you I will sleep when the wind blows.”

After listening to this the man was full of anger and decided to fire from his job.

Then he thought that the wind is blowing so he ran to the yard and what he sees.

He saw the cows in their shed, the hens in the coop, and all the materials tied up so the wind can’t blow them.

Then the man understands what the boy was saying.

Then he returned to his bed and slept without any worry.


When one is ready mentally and physically then there is nothing to fear.


We see in life how people worry about things but if they are prepared for it beforehand then they will achieve the goal.

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