Power of Nature as the bee is going to sit on the real flower

Power of Nature

Here’s a Power of Nature story where the human eye failed to differentiate between the real & fake flower but bee sat on the real flower.

Once there was a saint who lived in a kingdom.

The saint counted among the wise people of his time.

Even the king used to take suggestions from the saint.

He was very famous for his wisdom and was very intelligent.

Once a rich merchant visited the king with two flowers.

He bet before the king if he would find out the real flower from the two then he would give his half wealth to the treasury and if the king was wrong then he had to give his half wealth to the merchant.

The king agreed to the challenge and the merchant presented the two flowers in which one of the flowers was real and the other one was fake.

It was very difficult to differentiate between the two flowers because they looked exactly alike.

In trouble, he remembered the saint of his kingdom.

The saint was so famous that the merchant heard about the saint but never met so he became worried.

The servant went to the saint and told him the whole story.

The saint arrived at the palace and carefully looked at the flowers.

But he failed to find the difference between the two.

Then the saint thought for a while and he started walking towards the window.

He opened the window. after some time a bee came in flying and sat at one of the flowers.

The saint smiled and the king knew that he had found out the real flower.

The saint said to the merchant that the flower which you are holding in your right hand is the real one.

The merchant astonished after hearing this because sometimes even he would forget which flower was real and which was fake.

The merchant asked the saint how did you know that the flower was real?

The saint replied, “The eyes can be deceived but nature cannot be deceived. As the bee would only sit on the real flower.”


Everything in nature contains all the power of nature.


We see in life how people take nature lightly and hence pay no attention and no respect.

Nature is a blessing for us so respect it as it made for human beings.

It is a creation of God and a sign of changing from day and night.

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