Smart Work to sharpen the axe which is used to cut the trees

Smart Work

Here’s a smart work moral story where the man who didn’t sharpen the axe continue to cut the trees which was less in number from previous.

Once there was a man who lived in a village.

He wants to work hard and earn money to become successful.

He went to town searching for a job. He finds a shop of a carpenter and goes to ask him for a job.

The carpenter examined and then gave him an axe.

Then he told him to cut the trees and bring them to him.

The man went to the forest and started cutting the trees.

On the first day, he cut more trees and gave it to the carpenter.

On the first day, he was praised by the carpenter.

As the days passed the man was bringing less and less number of trees.

The carpenter when noticed asked the man, “Why are you bringing fewer trees?”

The man didn’t know the answer so he told I must be losing my power.

After listening to his answer, the carpenter said, “No, you are not losing your power.”

And asked, “When was the last time you sharpen your axe?”

The man said, “Sharpen? I don’t have time to sharpen my axe. I was very busy in cutting the trees.”

The carpenter said, “That’s the reason you are not able to cut more trees.”

The carpenter then said to the man, “Sometimes working hard alone is not enough to achieve success, you have to work smartly too.”


Hard work is a good friend but smart work is a best friend.


We see in life how people work hard but the one who works smart achieves success earlier.

Smart work is also important but it is not a replacement for hard work.

As God doesn’t love those who sleep too much and do not work.

On the other hand, the one who works hard is the friend of God.

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