short story on importance of tree which is between the desert

The Giving Tree Story

Here’s a Short Story On The Giving Tree Story through which we come to know how important tree is after reading the story. So let’s start the story.

Once there was a very big tree in between a desert.

The desert connects three cities north, south, and west.

If someone has to go from one city to another then they have to cross the desert and reach.

But the area of the desert was very vast.

In between the desert, only a tree is standing that gives rest and a cool breeze to the passer-by.

The tree has very large branches so that more area was covered with that tree.

Whoever rests under the tree gives blessings to god.

One day two foreigners were traveling to the cities.

When they discovered the first city then they have to move to another.

For that, they have to cross a big desert.

They started walking in the heat of the sun.

As they cross half the desert they saw a tree and decided to rest there.

There they feel the cool breeze and rest a while.

While they were resting due to the calmness under the tree they slept.

When one of the travelers wake he felt hungry.

So he climbed to the tree in search of the fruit.

When he didn’t find any fruit because the tree was not food bearing.

Disappointed he starts cursing the tree what a tree is which doesn’t give us even a fruit to eat.

The other traveler told him to be cool and polite.

The traveler was so hungry that he was cursing the tree.

After so much cursing the tree would not tolerate and answer the traveler that thinks in which position you came to me and I gave you rest, cold breeze and calmness so that so got sleep.

If I am not here then you would have been searching for the tree and would have died.

So your life was saved by me and you are insulting me.

Then the traveler realizes his mistake and apologizes to the tree.


Every creation God has made with a reason. So stop insulting and humiliating and start thanking God for what he has given.


We see in life the ones who save our life’s we insult them tell them bad things and then regret.

We do not even say thanks to god so let’s take a pledge to start saying thanks to god for whatever he has given.

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