How to Stay Positive when the house got collapsed

How to Stay Positive

Here, How to Stay Positive Inspiring story where the man who was poor and hardly built his own house and the earthquake destroyed it.

Once there was a poor man who could hardly save his money.

He has a wife and two children.

Whenever he gets a salary, it gets spent on rent, food, and his children’s school fee.

So he hardly saves his money.

He has a dream of having his own house.

There he doesn’t have to pay any rent.

So every penny he saved, he used it to build a small house.

Finally, his house was built, and everyone knew how hard he had saved money to build a house.

So, one day he decided on a date and announced to shift to his new house.

But just two days ago, an earthquake occurred, and his house was completely destroyed.

When the poor man got the news, he went to the market and bought some sweets.

Then he went to the place where his house destroyed.

The man reached the place, and people gathered around.

They expressed their concern for him because he lost his house before he could even go to live there.

But he took out the sweets and started distributing them to everyone.

Everyone who was present there was surprised.

Seeing this, one of his friends said, “Have you gone mad? You newly built a house with your lifetime earning, and it collapsed, and you are distributing sweets to everyone.”

The poor man said you are only seeing the negative side of this incident, but there is a positive side also.

It’s good that the house collapsed today only.

But what if it had collapsed when we started living in this house with my family?

Then I, my wife, and my children would have killed.

So whatever happens, happens for good.


Think positively. You will never lose because positivity always wins.


We see in life how people don’t think positively and end their life by thinking negatively.

So, make your life full of positive vibes so that no negativity ever enters your brain.

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