Brother Sister Bond war declared in a state

Brother Sister Bond

Here’s a Brother Sister Bond Short Inspiring Story where the sister who lost her brother learned the very important lesson of her life.

Once there was a war declared in the state.

Half of the country was destroyed in the war.

The soldiers enter the land and arrest all the civilians.

Within the people of the country, there was a brother and a sister.

Their father and mother killed in the war.

So the soldiers put all the civilians into a hole inside the ground.

They all were worried about what they will be going to do now.

After some time a soldier came and ordered all the civilians to take the train and go out of the country.

All of them were filled with joy.

They all will leave the country alive.

So both brother and sister entered the train.

The brother was 6 years old and his sister was 10 years old.

When they both entered the train one of the shoes of his brother fell outside the train.

The sister rebuke his brother and scolded him for his behavior.

Then he slapped him and told him to pick up his shoe and enter the train.

When he went to pick up the shoe the train started.

The train went on and they both were crying but the train didn’t stop.

Later one day the news came that a boy found dead near the train track.

The sister recognized her brother and felt terrible.

After the incident took place then the girl didn’t talk to anyone like she talked to his brother the last time.

Whenever she meets people, she talks as if it was her last meeting.

Now she learned to love human being and she forgot to talk badly to anyone.

She lives as if it’s her last day in this world.


Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So be kind always.


We see in life how people meet people in a rude manner.

So be kind to everyone you meet no matter if its your enemy or friend.

There is no guarantee when our life will end so meet people with a smile and be kind to everyone.

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