Broken Egg story

Broken Egg

Here’s a Broken Egg Story where the boy broke the eggs when he was riding and now the crowd was taunting him for his behavior.

Once there was a boy who was carrying a basket full of eggs.

He was bicycling and didn’t notice the bump on the road.

Unfortunately, he came across a bump and lost his balance.

He fell alongside the road and all the eggs were broken.

A crowd gathered around the poor boy.

The boy stood up and started picking up eggs which are not broken.

The crowd started taunting, where he was looking when he was riding?

Some say you should be more careful when you are on road.

The boy felt bad but he can’t do anything but only listen to the advice of the people.

Suddenly an old man emerged from the crowd and looked at the situation.

Then he felt pity for the boy and said, “What will he answer to his master. How will the ordinary boy pay for the cost of all the broken eggs?”

The old man grabs the attention of the crowd.

The man then put his hand on his coat and took out 10$ and gave it to the little poor boy.

And said, “The people of this town are good they will help you with money so that you can give it to your master for the loss which you may have caused due to the accident.”

Hearing, everyone from that crowd gave money to the little poor boy.

The boy was delighted since the money collected was more than the cost of broken eggs.

He thanked the crowd for their generosity.

The boy was preparing to leave a man from the crowd came to the boy and said you should have thanked the old man who helped you.

The boy looked at that man and said, “I will thank him when I will reach his shop, he is the owner of the shop where I work.”


A clever mind will somehow think of ways to escape from any situation.


We see in life how people stuck with their problems and don’t know how to solve them but the clever mind will think and come out of any problem.

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