Overcoming Fear Story of a boy

Overcoming Fear Story

Here’s a Overcoming Fear Story where the boy feared the man but when he opened the letter given by his father his fear vanished.

Once there lived a boy with his parents.

His grandparents lived in the village.

Whenever his holidays arrived he went with his parents to meet his grandparents.

They would stay there for a month and then return to the city.

One day the boy grew up and told to his parents, “I am no big and would be going alone to meet my grandparents alone.”

The Parents didn’t agree but he insisted.

His parents were worried about his safety.

The day came when he was leaving alone to meet his grandparents.

His parents came to the railway station to tell him goodbye.

His mother was making him understand what to do till he reach his grandparent’s house.

Finally, he got his seat and sat there.

His father was talking with him through the window.

His father gave him an envelope and said, “If you got scared then open the letter. It will help you to overcome the fear.”

The boy took the letter and put it in his pocket.

The train was about to depart.

The announcement was made as the train was leaving.

His parents told him bye and to take care.

The train was at his speed and was stopping at every distance.

The boy was seeing when the train stops the people were coming and going.

As the train starts he saw a big man who was sitting at some distance was looking at him.

He feared the man and turned his head in the opposite direction.

Then he remembered that his father gave him a letter to overcome fear.

When he opened the letter and read, “Hey son this is your father, and don’t worry I am on the next coach traveling with you.”

Then the boy took a deep breath and the fear vanished.


Life is a balance of fear and overcoming it.


We see in life how people fear many things or animals.

Fear is inside not outside so why fear let’s defeat the fear inside and succeed in life.

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