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The way a Mathematics teacher has decided to do a Life Lesson class. This is the true story of the Student Teacher’s life, without delay Let’s start the story.

A reader once asked why we learn Integration, difference, algebra, matrix when we make our homes it don’t need math?

The teacher decided to take a math’s class into a life lesson class.

The teacher said boys and girls, I agree that there are no statistics or history, etc lessons will play a role in the future.

The whole class was silent and paid close attention to what the teacher was asking.

But the teacher asked the whole class the question I gave the situation to anyone who could answer it.

The teacher asked, do you think the boy / girl in the future wants to build a house, and to whom will they go to build their house?

One boy responded the builder.

The teacher thanked him and went on to say, “Who told you that a builder build’s a house?

The student looked stunned.

The teacher replied that in class 1 at the school, one of the teachers taught that who made house was called a builder.

He then asked, the student who had told him all that where we live is called a house.

The students then turned to the teacher.

He then asked the student how he knew that the house was built and not baked.

The students happily answered they all understand.

The teacher told you all that you understand why it is important to study because you never know where your lesson will come into play.


Never doubt the time spent in school or college.


Today we see older people often asking but not knowing the power of time and knowledge.

These are places where we come to know the basics of life.

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