Stolen Watch Story

Stolen Watch Story

Here’s a Stolen Watch Story where teacher told to wore black cloth so that thief will not caught in public and this changed the boy’s life.

Once there was a teacher who was about to start his class.

Half an hour passed one of the students stood up and told the teacher that his watch has been stolen.

All the students were shocked after hearing this.

The teacher asked the student about the watch.

The student told the teacher that it was precious as his father had gifted him and the cost of the watch was one lakh rupees.

The teacher knew that nobody went outside the class or came inside the class.

This means that the watch is inside the classroom.

The teacher told to shut all the doors.

The boy who stole the watch was very nervous as he was about to be caught.

The boy thought that if he got caught then he will leave the study and go somewhere else because he will not be able to tolerate the the shame and dishonor.

In the meanwhile, the teacher told all to tie a black cloth on their eyes.

Then the teacher checked all the students.

He found the watch in a student’s pocket.

He took out the watch and kept it inside the pocket to whom it belonged.

Then he told everyone to untie the cloth from their eyes.

The boy was happy as he don’t have to face shame.

When he went home he was thinking of the teacher and the lesson he learned.

That incident made a place in his life and as time passes he become one of the richest businessmen.

Then he called to the same school as a chief guest.

The boy went to the teacher and fell on his legs and said I was the one who stole the watch.

The teacher picked him up and said oh you were the boy I didn’t know.

The confused man asked his teacher how come you don’t know that I stole the watch.

The teacher replied when I was searching for everyone I too wore a black cloth on my eyes so that I can’t recognize the student who stole the watch.


Don’t find faults in somebody else find a remedy.


We only see other’s faults and don’t even think that what they did to us.

So, stop pointing out other’s mistake and focus on your own so that you could become a great man.

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