Lazy Student in classroom with empty notebook

Lazy Student

Here’s a Lazy Student story where the student who was lazy doesn’t trust himself rather his father and how he fell into the problem.

Once there was a boy named Mahesh.

He was a very lazy boy. One day the class teacher gave the students homework to do.

Mahesh went to one of his friends named joy.

He asked joy to do his homework.

Joy agreed but he wanted something in return.

Mahesh thought for a while and replied if you will do my homework then I will give you chocolates.

Joy was happy and agreed to do his homework.

The next week when one of his teachers gave the class math homework to do.

Mahesh was feeling lazy and again went to joy.

Mahesh asked joy to do his math homework.

Joy replied what will he get in return.

Mahesh told he will give more chocolates and in the evening he will bring his favorite fast food to eat.

Joy was full of joy and agreed to do his math homework.

The day when Mahesh has to submit the homework that day joy didn’t come to school.

He was searching for joy and one of his classmates told him that he is on medical leave for two weeks.

After listening to this Mahesh started worrying about his math homework and then thought what about my next homework?

He went to the classroom and the teacher asked everybody for the homework.

Everyone submitted the homework except Mahesh.

The teacher called him and asked the reason.

Mahesh said, “I forgot my notebook at home.”

The teacher knew about Mahesh and scolded him. the teacher punished Mahesh by giving him two weeks of homework to complete tomorrow and submit it to her.


You must work out your own salvation.


We see in life how people feel lazy and request others to do their work.

If they work on their own then they will face circumstances.

And they will learn how to overcome circumstances and be undefeated.

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