Hard Work is The Key To Success king turned the jungle into a village

Hard Work is The Key To Success

Here’s Hard Work is The Key To Success Inspiring Story where the king cleverly acted and doing so much of hard work finally the king succeed.

Once there was a village that appoints a king for five years.

After completing five years the king sent to the jungle where wild animals eat the king.

Now came a very clever man.

As he became the king he asked the people about the jungle where the kings sent after completing five years.

After knowing the place the king went to the jungle with his people.

He saw that the jungle was dense and he also saw the skeletons of the previous kings.

The king thought that after five years my condition will also be like the previous kings.

So thinking cleverly, he cleared the jungle made all the trees cut, and ordered to remove all the wild animals.

After a year passed by he started developing the jungle.

He made roads, the farmers started farming, and people bought from different places to live there.

The king made school, hospitals, parks, etc.

The five years was about to end the king changed the dense forest into a village.

Completing the work of developing the king also saved money.

After completing five years he asked the people to send him to the place where the previous kings were sent.

The people made him sit on the boat and the king carried the money which he saved.

When he was leaving for the jungle, he was smiling.

The people were surprised that he is going to the jungle and the wild animals will kill him, then why is he smiling?

The king said I worked hard and made the jungle into a village.

Here I was only made king for five years but for a lifetime I will be the king at that place.


Don’t worry about the result because one day you will succeed.


We see in life how people take action by seeing what others do but if they think wisely and cleverly then they will achieve success.

God send blessings to those who work hard without caring about the result.

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