How To Stop Fighting is only peace

How To Stop Fighting

Here’s a How To Stop Fighting Inspiring story where the rich man started shouting at the zen but he remained silent and didn’t tell a word.

Once there was a zen.

He goes to every house in the village for alms.

Every house in the village gives him food and life goes on like this.

One day he went to a rich man’s house and knocked on the door.

The rich man was sitting on his farm.

He heard the knocking and went to open the door.

When he opened the door he saw a zen asking for alms with a bowl in his hand.

The rich man said to wait and told his servant to run fast and bring him some fresh food for the zen.

The servant handed the food to the rich man.

The rich man gave the fresh food to him and asked him a question.

The question was, “Why do people fight?”

Zen thought for a while and replied to the rich man, “I came here for the food not for answering your questions.”

After listening to this the rich man got angry.

He lost control of himself and started shouting on the zen, “What’s this behavior, I just gave you alms and you are speaking to me like this. this is not fair I am helping you and you are doing this to me.”

Zen was standing there listening to him silently.

The rich man without any break continued shouting at him.

The zen was standing but didn’t tell a word.

As the rich man calm down then the zen told him that as soon as I responded badly you became angry.

And in return, if I also started shouting at you then there would be a big fight between us.

So anger is the reason for every fight and peace is the reason to end the dispute.


The greatest remedy for anger is peace.


We see in life how people get angry at a very small thing and then a big fight is ready.

But if we are at peace then how much the anger is there will be only peace that will win.

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