The elves and the shoemaker moral lesson

The Elves and the Shoemaker Moral Lesson

Here’s a short story on The Elves and the Shoemaker Moral Lesson where two elves come at night and stich the shoes. Let’s see

Once there lived a shoemaker in the town.

As time was passing the shoemaker was running out of money.

He became so poor that he hardly has food to eat.

One day the shoemaker went to the market to buy food and leather but he only brought leather.

His wife asked, “why only leather where is food? ”

The shoemaker said, “I only had money to buy leather”

That day when he sat for work, he cut the leathers and on thinking so much he couldn’t work.

So he left the leather pieces and went to sleep.

The next morning when he entered the room he was surprised that the leather he cut now has taken the shape of the shoe which was so beautiful and nicely stitched.

He called his wife and she thanked God and the person who stitched the shoes.

He immediately took the shoe pieces and kept them on the showcase.

One of the rich lady noticed the shoes and visited to try them.

The shoemaker helped the lady to wear the shoe.

Satisfied with the shoes, she said how beautiful and light-weighted shoes are they.

All the shoes were sold in minutes and the shoemaker went to the market and bought vegetables, fruits, bread, jam, and butter.

After having dinner the shoemaker cut the leather and went to sleep.

The next day when he entered and saw the highest quality of leather shoes on the table.

He put all to the showcase and everybody appreciated the quality and design of the shoes.

The shoemaker got a lot of gold coins.

Every day he used to cut the leathers, left them on the table, and went to sleep.

One day husband and wife decided to know who was helping him and also to repay the kindness.

One night they hide and as the clock struck twelve two elves came and started their work of making the shoes.

As they know, they planned to give him some gift in return.

The shoemaker’s wife noticed that the elves were wearing old clothes so we can gift them some new clothes.

The shoemaker agreed and the next night when the elves came they saw a gift on the table.

Opening the gift they saw new clothes.

They wore new clothes and left happily to help another home.


We must help those who are needy and God will help us in return when we are needy. So have faith in God and live life with gratitude.


We see in life how people do not help those who are in need and when they lost money they blame god.

So be grateful and leave your opinion below on The Elves and the Shoemaker Moral Lesson Story.

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