Palace of a king depicts Heart And Mind

Heart And Mind

Here’s a Heart And Mind Inspiring story where the prince thought that the wise saint has some power but what he saw was a simple man.

Once a king was ruling an empire.

He has a vast kingdom and near his palace lived a saint.

He lives alone and he was very famous in the kingdom.

The king has only one son.

One day the prince was standing and looking at the saint.

And thinking that why is he so famous let’s meet him and check his glory.

He went to the saint and asked, “Can I stay with you for four days?”

The wise saint said, “Ok you can stay.”

During his stay there he observed that the wise man lives a simple life whom people keep praising so much.

The wise saint took bath in the morning, sleep at night, eat on time, work like a common man.

The prince observed the wise saint when he was sleeping, as he thought that he could emit some light coming out from the wise saint.

When the prince came there he had many fantasies but what he saw was unbelievable.

The next day the wise saint was searching for where he kept the utensil.

The prince saw it and thought that he should know, why is he searching.

He was now very confused and started thinking about the wise saint.

The prince talked to himself, “He is looking like an ordinary man but something is touching his heart, something is special.”

The prince couldn’t resist anymore.

One day he surrendered at the feet of the wise saint but couldn’t ask.

He came to ask and just forgot about it.

Then the wise saint said, “Only the heart can recognize the matter of the heart. Ears can’t see, eyes can’t smell the same way the brain can’t recognize the heart.”


The heart holds the answers the brain refuses to see.


We see in life how people only think with the brain and accept it to be right but the brain must not be always right.

When the brain can’t recognize then the heart comes to play.

So follow your heart but take your brain with you.

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