Don't Give Up Story where a rope and well is there

Don’t Give Up Story

Here’s a Don’t Give Up Story where a boy was returning with giving up but when he saw well that a mark of rope was there on the strong stone.

In ancient times people used to send their kids to gurukul to study.

So one boy named Viru send to gurukul for study but he was very weak in the study.

In gurukul, they did many things in their project so that they got knowledge.

Viru was the boy who doesn’t do his work on time.

He also made friends in gurukul but they all study with concentration.

Viru didn’t understand his master’s word so he didn’t get anything understood.

One day his master came to him and said, “We have tried many times but you are a weak student. You need to stay at home and help in household work”

Viru’s heart broke as he made friends but they now promoted to the next class.

He went out of gurukul and his destination was home.

On his way, he was feeling thirsty so he stopped near the well to drink water.

When he finished drinking water he was a big cut at the inner side of the well.

He asked how did the stone of the well have a big cut.

They said, “Due to the rope being used continuously the stone of the well got cut”

Then he started thinking about how the rope cut a stone that is so strong.

He got the answer that continuous work and practice can cut a strong stone.

Then he went back to gurukul and with full of enthusiasm started his study.

He sometimes took a break but continuously he used to study.

When his master saw Viru they were surprised but they all also appreciated his hard work.

And then the boy come the great scholar of that gurukul.


Practice makes a man perfect and nothing is impossible in this world.


We see in life how people give up and then go back and cry thinking of the past.

But when they know they can do everything then they write history.

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