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Unconditional Love of a Mother Story

Unconditional Love of a Mother Story

Here’s an Unconditional Love of a Mother Story where the mother who only has an eye didn’t feel bad but his son’s behavior was intolerable. Once there was a child who lived with her mother. The kid used to hate her mother because she only had a single eye. She used to cook so that […]

Golden House Story on a hill top

Golden House Story

Here’s a Golden House Story of a little girl who wants to live in the golden house but when she reached what she saw from there let’s see. Once there was a girl lives in a small house on a hill. As she grew, she would play in the small garden near his house. As […]

The Fat Lady Story of a flight
Life Story

The Fat Lady Story

Here’s The Fat Lady Story who was unhealthy and guy beside her didn’t talk but her heart was pure she turned the flight into enjoyable talks. Once there was a woman who was very unhealthy. She entered the flight and find a place to sit. Squeezing herself she sat into the seat and she smiled […]

A Good Deed Short Story of a maid
Life Story

A Good Deed Short Story

Here’s A Good Deed Short Story where a man name Khanna was surprised by his maid that how she can buy so much things from just Rs500. Once lived a family whose head was Mr. Khanna. He was a businessman and spend a lot of time in his company. One day when he was leaving […]

Faithful Dog Story where the dog saved a child

Faithful Dog Story

Here’s a Faithful Dog Story where a Dog who was so faithful that he didn’t even thought of his life and attacked the wolf. let’s see Ritesh lived in town but loved nature. On his son’s birthday, he decided to book a cottage in the forest where he will celebrate his son’s birthday. They left […]

Farmer and Birds Story where a bird made nest in the farm
Life Story

Farmer and Birds Story

Here is Farmer and Birds Story where how a bird teaches the baby birds a life lesson let’s see in this story. Once there was a farmer who lived in a village. He has a farm near his house. One day he sowed the seed and on the other hand, a bird made the near […]

mother son stories of saving life of his son

Mother and Son Stories

Here’s a Mother and Son Stories which will show us the love of a mother who not left his son to the alligator and bravely saved him. Once there was a mother who lived with his son near a lake. In the hot day the boy decided to swim in the lake. The boy jumped […]