The Deer Story of drinking water from river

The Deer Story

Here’s The Deer Story where the deer got into problem from all sides but how god helped him to overcome the problems let’s see.

Once there was a deer in a forest searching for water.

The deer was very thirsty but he couldn’t find the water.

After searching for a long the deer sat under a tree.

Suddenly the deer heard the sound of water flowing.

He ran towards the noise and saw a river flowing.

The deer was so happy as he got a new life.

He ran towards the water to drink.

When he put his head down to drink the water on his right he saw a hunter with a bow and arrow pointing toward him and was ready to shoot.

Then he saw to his left that the tiger was sitting and looking at him as the tiger was about to pounce.

All his thirst vanished.

Then he saw at his back that the trees got fire and in his front lies the big and deep river.

So, all his way was close to escaping.

Then after thinking for a while the deer thought that his time has come so why can’t he complete his work and then die.

So the deer put his mouth into the water and start drinking the water.

When the deer was drinking the water from the river dark clouds came upon the forest and it starts raining.

The water blows up the fire in the forest.

And due to the wind, the hunter missed his aim and it hurts the tiger.

The tiger saw the hunter and ran towards him.

Then the tiger went into the jungle behind the hunter to catch him.

When the deer puts his head up after drinking water he saw that there was no hunter and no tiger.

And at the back, the fire got extinguished.


Problems are a part of life so stop and think for a while to overcome them.


We see in life how people get into problems on all sides and then they fear them.

If they think about the solution to the problems with a cool mind then God helps them.

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