Two Best Friends Story of water pot

Two Best Friends Story

Here’s a Two Best Friends Story where the two friends start earning money but one of them thought for his future and see what happens.

Once two friends lived in a village.

Both of them spend most of the time sitting under a tree.

One day one of them saw that the woman of the village went so far as to bring water in a pot.

How many times they gone to the well which is situated at a distance from the village.

Sometimes they bring pots of water which can’t be enough for their family.

So, they thought of bringing the pots from the well for 25cents for every pot.

They both went to the village and share their thought with the villagers.

They found it a good idea and they started their business.

In one day, they bring 50 to 100 rounds of pots and they started making good money.

After 10 years they became the richest person in the village.

Then one of his friends thought that they have to do something because they will not be young for a lifetime.

Now they are young to bring pots of water from far but when they got old then what will happen.

The other friend said let it be we are earning a lot.

He was not satisfied and after a few days, he saw a pot maker making a pot with a narrow neck at the bottom.

Seeing to it he got an idea and decided to make a pipe of clay so that he could bring water from the well to the village.

He told the idea to his friend but his friend not satisfied with the idea and said this is a bad idea and the idea won’t work.

Other had a thousand reasons not to work on the idea but his friend decided to do it.

He bought a pipe made of clay and many difficulties came his way but he faced it and solved it.

Sometimes the pipe got bursts, sometimes the leakage.

And then the day came when he made a pipe and connected the well to the village.

The villagers when opening the tap the water starts running and so it got easier for the villagers to fill the water.

The boy charged 10cents for every pot.

Due to this the other friend got jobless.


There are a thousand reasons not to try but only one reason is enough to work on the idea and succeed.


We see in life how people fear trying new ideas and don’t try.

But the ones who try and got difficulties is the one who succeeds.

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