Two stories about friends

True Friendship story in English

Here’s a story of two friends who teaches us when to write on sand and when on stone. This is a short Inspiring story towards friendship. So let’s start the story.

Two friends were traveling in the wilderness.

On the way to their trip, they argued with each other and one friend slapped the other.

The one who got slapped was injured as he fell on the ground but without saying a word wrote on the sand.

“Today my best friend slapped me on the face.”

They continued walking until they found an oasis (a fertile desert area where water was found), where they decided to bath.

The friend who slapped trapped in the mud and drowned.

But his friend saved him.

After recovering in panic, he wrote on a stone. “Today I saved my best friend’s life.”

His friend didn’t understand what happened with him and also confused.

A friend who slapped him and on the other hand the friend saved his best friend life asked him, “If I hurt you, you wrote in the sand, when my life was saved now you write on a stone Why? ”

Friend replied, “If someone hurts us we should write it down in the sand where the spirit of forgiveness can blow away with air. But if someone does something nice for us, we should write it down on a piece of paper or on a thing where there is no air to wipe it off”.

Then his friend understands and felt sorry for his friend.


We should value those who have in your life more than the things you have in your life.


Everyone should appreciate their friendship no matter what.

So be happy and keep your friends happy and do not let anyone or anything ruin your friendship.

If your friendship ends whatever the reason was go and call or message your friend say him/her sorry and then you will feel relax.

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